Empy.IO: all-in-one HR tool



About the project

Empy.io – all-in-one HR tool for small and medium companies. The product helps management synchronize with the employees and handle all the internal requests in one single place. If an employee needs a vacation, to work from home, is late or ill – he sends the request in Empy and the system notifies the responsible team members who will handle those inquiries.

Mission: Making staff management easy and automated through technology and experience.



Our client decided to develop a tool that automates the daily routines of employees notifying management about them being late, ill, or being in need of a day or a couple of days of vacation. Also, they realized that having an archive of when and for how long people requested certain services would be great. They decided to have this tool for in-house use and sell it to other companies that face the same challenges. They needed the team who will both develop the product and help with its implementation.



Talents.Tech was able to provide Empy.IO with a dedicated and highly skilled development team, including full-stack developers, designers, and a QA specialist. The team worked closely with Empy.IO to understand their specific requirements and objectives for the HR tool. They utilized their expertise and experience to come up with a comprehensive development plan that met Empy.IO’s needs and exceeded their expectations.

The full-stack developers were responsible for building the core functionality of the tool, from the user interface to the backend. The designers worked on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that was intuitive to use. The QA specialist was responsible for ensuring that the product was bug-free and met all the quality standards set by Empy.IO.

Throughout the development process, Talents.Tech maintained constant communication with Empy.IO to ensure that the team was on track and that any changes or updates were properly communicated. They also provided regular progress reports, giving Empy.IO full visibility into the development process.

The result of this partnership was a highly effective and user-friendly mobile-first HR tool that met all of Empy.IO’s requirements.