Viar.Live: virtual tours creator


About the project

Viar.Live is the easiest way to create and share 360˚ virtual reality tours. The system turns every photographer into a VR content producer and makes it super easy to implement VR into blogs, websites, and mobile apps. Viar.Live lets you expose a location to your visitors with a virtual tour. Ideal for restaurants, real estate agents, galleries, and much more.



The main issue with the product creation was the technical complexity and and need in a deep frontend knowledge combined with VR experience. The tool works great both with professional 360 photos and panoramas taken with phones.



Talents.Tech provided Viar.Live with a dedicated team of recruiters who took the time to understand the company’s unique needs and requirements. They then leveraged their extensive network of tech professionals and advanced recruitment tools to identify the most qualified candidates for the job.

Using Talents.Tech’s platform, Viar.Live was able to streamline its recruitment process, saving valuable time and resources. By quickly identifying the most qualified candidates, Viar.Live was able to focus on building its team of skilled developers and engineers who could improve and expand its platform.

Talents.Tech provided the development team as well as a product manager to determine all the requirements and build a sophisticated and financially successful product. Also it managed to help develop a WIX plugin to easily add Viar.Live tool to the WIX websites.

In summary, Talents.Tech played a crucial role in helping Viar.Live overcome the challenge of finding top tech talent. The platform’s streamlined recruitment process, combined with its network of highly skilled professionals, enabled Viar.Live to build a team of developers and engineers who helped improve and expand its virtual reality tours creator platform. The strong working relationship between Viar.Live and its new team was key to the platform’s continued success.



Now using Viar.Live you can:

  • Create stunning 360 VR experiences using photos on your website. Allow visitors to experience and get to know a space before they arrive.
  • Showcase your space with a virtual tour.
  • Add hotspots to give more info on unique areas.
  • Inspire confidence and build trust with visitors.