Lectogo: powerbank rental system


About the project

Lectogo is a Swedish startup for renting power banks that allows you to borrow a power bank, charge your phone on the go and return it back. Already works in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark and expands further.



The goal of this project was to understand how often and in what circumstances people run out of battery and are desperate for a charge. Then design a modern and intuitive app that allows users to borrow batteries and charge their phone on the go. The amount of money charged was of big importance here since people are willing to pay only if the amount feels fair.



The partnership started with a series of meetings to identify the specific needs and objectives of Lectogo’s project. Talents.Tech’s team then developed a comprehensive plan to design and develop the required software and hardware components. The team worked closely with Lectogo throughout the entire product development cycle, from initial ideation to deployment, ensuring that the project remained on track and aligned with Lectogo’s vision.

Talents.Tech’s team of app developers designed and developed iOS and Android applications, making the product easily accessible to a wide range of users. The backend API was created to ensure seamless integration between the applications and the backend, and the back-office application was designed to provide a simple and intuitive user interface for managing the system.

In addition, Talents.Tech’s team of hardware designers designed and developed the hardware components and firmware required for the product, ensuring that it was fully functional and user-friendly. The hardware components were seamlessly integrated with the software, creating a seamless experience for the end-users.

Now once you have downloaded the app you use the map to find a venue where you can borrow a power bank, scan the QR code and you are ready to charge on the go. Then once you are done charging find a venue on the map and return the power bank.