Dely.IO: White label delivery solutions

About the project

Dely is a revolutionary set of white label e-commerce and delivery solutions that features the whole package of software required to set up and run your own e-commerce business. The platform is easy to install and includes a maintenance package.



Dely.IO, a rapidly growing tech company in the food delivery industry, was facing a significant challenge in finding and hiring top talent to support the development of its white-label delivery solutions. With the demand for their services increasing, Dely.IO needed to quickly find the right candidates who had the skills and expertise to keep up with their rapid growth.



Talents.Tech provided Dely.IO with a dedicated team of recruiters who understood the company’s needs and requirements and could identify the best candidates for the job.

The recruiters at Talents.Tech worked closely with Dely.IO to understand their company culture and the skills and experience they needed for the open positions. They then utilized their extensive network of tech professionals and their advanced recruitment tools to identify the most qualified candidates.

Through Talents.Tech’s platform, Dely.IO was able to streamline their recruitment process, saving time and resources. Instead of spending weeks sifting through resumes and interviewing candidates, they could quickly identify the most qualified candidates and focus on building their team.

With the help of Talents.Tech, Dely.IO was able to hire a team of skilled full-stack developers, QAs and designers to create an automatic delivery platform that allows people to order in 60 seconds and the delivery is being made in 15-30 minutes. The new team quickly integrated into Dely.IO’s company culture and contributed to the company’s growth and success.

Talents.Tech’s platform not only helped Dely.IO find the right talent, but it also provided ongoing support to ensure their new hires remained engaged and motivated. The platform helped to build a strong working relationship between Dely.IO and their new team, which is essential for maintaining long-term success.

In conclusion, Talents.Tech played a critical role in helping Dely.IO find the right talent to develop their white-label delivery solutions. By leveraging Talents.Tech’s recruitment and staffing platform, Dely.IO was able to streamline their recruitment process, save time and resources, and build a team of skilled professionals who contributed to the company’s growth and success.


  • Mobile apps. Order using robust iOS and Android applications from phones and tablets.
  • Website. Use web browser on desktop computers and mobile phones to place orders anytime and everywhere.
  • Courier app. Sophisticated application for deliverymen, optimized for low-end devices.
  • Restaurant app. Easy-to-use restaurant application for tablets and mobile phones.
  • Administration Panel. Back-office to control and modify everything on the platform.
  • APIs and Custom Integrations. Unified API that provides a solid data source among all the applications.